Guaranteed Google Rankings SEO Services in 90 Days

Kongfuseo guarantees your website ranking on Google’s first page within 90 days using targeted keywords, or our SEO services will be free until we achieve the goal. Our creative team of SEO specialists love a challenge and will work tirelessly to identify and rectify issues that stand in the way of your success.

Seven Years’ Experience in Local SEO Services

We have been serving Australian and global companies for more than seven years from our office located in Melbourne. Our team has been primarily involved with creating outstanding SEO projects, and has made remarkable achievements during that time.

Our SEO Service Expertise

Kongfuseo’s experienced staff have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of both English and Chinese markets and cultures. Our market-proven methodology will help you to discover hidden keywords and ranking opportunities for your website that a simple translation would never uncover. We bring this lateral approach to our bilingual Chinese and English SEO services. With the background of native Chinese and English speakers, Kongfuseo ensures that your Chinese language message is carefully and accurately expressed.

Our SEO Approach and Methodology

We have established our own SEO and digital marketing methodology. We understand that you need a comprehensive combination of great technical foundations, amazing UX and schema-based web design, advanced keywords and backlinks research, industry leading content marketing and the most authoritative, editorially earned digital Press Release links.

Why do you need SEO Services?

The digital marketing industry is in a state of constant flux, and the rate of change in recent years has been exponential. Google’s search algorithms have advanced at breakneck speed in terms of their complexity, leaving only the most committed SEO companies to successfully compete in such a dynamic and challenging environment. While Google strives to ever shorten a searcher’s route, Kongfuseo exploits user intent, UX and contextual authority in order to maximise the searcher’s experience. Our SEO service rests upon knowledge that is constantly up-to-date and a skill set honed over many years. Our service allows your website to be fine-tuned so that your suite of digital marketing services reaches its potential in terms of maximising results.

Our SEO Services Details

We can help boost your business by ensuring that the following key steps are seamlessly integrated during your campaign: Discovery – To ensure deep understanding of your business and your website, we research your target keywords, search volume, difficulty, and your competitors’ high value backlinks; Strategy – Designing the blueprint for our projects ensures everything is appropriately and effectively executed in the future. Execution – On-page optimisation starts with allocating all target keywords to specific web page. If necessary we will re-write your content to suit matching keyword requirements. Based on your competitors’ backlinks report, we are continuously tracking, analysing and improving your backlinks using various methods such as White Hat and SEO.

SEO Services Costs

Our SEO prices for small businesses range from $1099 to $2,000+ per month. If your content is Chinese, and you only need SEO for Chinese search results, the price begins at $850 per month. Costs are determined based on the level of SEO services needed to optimise your website in order to rank at the top of Google search results. If you require more than 55 keywords and your business is in a highly competitive niche, you can expect a higher monthly fee for the implementation of creative strategies and performance monitoring on a regular basis.

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss web design, product development or to hear your new startup idea.