All our production are powerful combination of  appropriate web design, quality content, ample SEO efforts, and powerful digital marketing.

Whether its SEO or Web Design, Search is in our DNA

Kongfu SEO is a Melbourne based Web Design and SEO company.We utilise our world class experience of web design, SEO, and digital marketing to help brands maximise their value. Our Chinese and English bilingual in-house web design and search engine optimisation services have presented our clients’ business  to the right people at the right time to increase organic traffic and boost engagement with potential customers.

Our offices are in the heart of Camberwell VIC3124, we are the leading digital marketing, design and SEO agency Melbourne has to offer. We invite you to Kong Fu SEO.

SEO Melbourne Company

SEO is the most efficient and powerful marketing way to target your potential customer. Boost your organic traffic by our Chinese and English bilingual SEO approach. We not only build the best SEO foundations to get you ranking in Google and Baidu, and we also promise to keep you there.
Web Design
Web design is more than just some pretty pictures on a screen. Kongfuseo web design idea is not only works for human but also for Search Engine. We embed search DNA into our Melbourne in-house web design, so we overhaul your website and improve its Google& Baidu position.
Wechat Marketing
With an average of 810M users logging into WeChat every single day and using its social, shopping, and chat services all day long, more then 70% users open wechat more than 10 times per day, Wechat marketing offers a powerful way to connect with all your target Chinese speaker consumers.
Digital Marketing
We are Chinese& English bilingual digital agency, creating digital products and experiences that have a lasting impact. We deliver exceptional sales conversions and ROI to you. Our package includes: English and Chinese SEO; Social Media Marketing; PPC; Chinese Content Marketing; Conversion Rate Optimisation
We are the experts to improve your PPC ROI. Our Google Ads management services give you the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that you are profiting from your PPC spend. We will do a deep research of your English and Chinese Key-words, giving you guidance on quick wins to increase your PPC account profit.
Google Re-marketing targets display ads to visitors who have already visited your website across Google display network. Google Re-marketing is the most cost-effective way to keep your brand in front of potential customers while they move through their buying journey. We design English& Chinese slogans, banners, and landing pages.
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KongfuSEO experts always keep the balance between the web page optimisation SEO Services and stunning aesthetics of web design, so we create website that can be trusted by Google, also functional and aesthetic.

We have the technical know-how to get your website ranking and in front of potential customers. We design website both for search engine and human. So we reboot your website, increasing its Baidu and Google position from the initial design stage with technical optimisation built into the structure of your website.

Kongfu SEO experts truly understand both English and Chinese market and culture, our market proven methodology will help you to discover the hidden keywords and ranking opportunities that a simple translation would never uncover. As leading bilingual SEO company in Melbourne, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to rank a website with both English and Chinese search engine.

We uncover the hidden secret of your competitors’ keywords and backlinks, we use white hat rules to execute ethical link building practices. We have the professional copywriter to produce original content writing with the high search volume keywords in order to achieve the best result of SERP of Google and Chinese Search Engine.

We uncover the hidden secret of your competitors’ keywords and backlinks, we use white hat rules to execute ethical link building practices. We have the professional copywriter to produce original content writing with the high search volume keywords in order to achieve the best result of SERP of GOOGLE.

Maybe some local SEO companies told you that they can rank any website with their strategies. We don’t think so. If you want to target the Chinese speaking market you need a professional Chinese SEO specialist, who is a native speaker and understand the Chinese language, culture and marketing strategy.
If a SEO company does not have the native Chinese speaker on staff they will most likely fail in their efforts to get your website ranked in the competitive Chinese marketplace. With an increase in your web sites’ search engine ranking, it become easier for you to reach your targeted Chinese market.
We integrate technology, design, marketing, content and digital marketing strategy, which includes the most popular Chinese social media WeChat marketing.
We embrace tough situations and creative challenges in order to drive results.

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Are you preparing to develop the Chinese speaking market with your services and products? Do you have a Chinese translation of your website and are now looking to rank your site in the Chinese Google search engines or Baidu search results? Are you looking for a SEO Company with both English and Chinese specialty?

If so, you are in the right place.

China is the No.2 economies in the world and Chinese is spoken by 1.6 billion people worldwide. You now have the opportunity to reach this vast middle class market of buyers.
Both Google Search Engine and Baidu Search Engine are transforming the way business is done today. You need to be Google-first or Baidu-first in order to attain an advantage if you are doing business on Chinese market.
You need a real Chinese Marketing partner. We help you.

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