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With the ever growing presence of social media in our lives, finding ways to connect with your audience online is vital.

We increase conversion rates and focus on cost per conversion

We use GA4 to gain insight into your

Multi-platform optimisation is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. We are experienced in working across different social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram as well as more niche Chinese platforms such as Weibo and Wechat. With our global reach and multilingual expertise, Kongfuseo can help you start up, run or maintain your social media marketing to ensure that it runs smoothly.

We are the qualified social media agency in Melbourne. Our campaigns have helped clients expand their brand presence on social networks. With a skilled team of Melbourne social media experts, we specialise in creating successful campaigns for different industries.

  • We are all-rounded and thorough with our approach when it comes to social media marketing.
  • We look at the data and numbers to ensure that all the insights correlate to your goals.
  • We analyse algorithms to work to your business’s advantage when it comes to introducing a new product or service to consumers.
  • We take into consideration engagement to ensure that we have targeted the right audience in the right demographic, that their interests align and that they suit the criteria of what your business is about.

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Analytical insights

We insist on setting up GTM to track every conversion, we analyze data with SEO analysis tools bundled with GA4 insights, and our analysis goes deep into conversion tracking and optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. We grasp insights into competitors' ads and their spend to develop your ad strategy and design ad content. We provide ROI analysis. We continue to give you the option to continue with the pricing and plan that fits your budget.

Transparent and professional

As we understand SEO, what makes Google Ads alive is that he moves forward in a dynamic balance. That's how important we think it is to be transparent in our collaboration with you. All our work including ad analytics, ad ROI and monthly traffic and revenue generated by ads are transparently communicated to you through reports and monthly meetings. You decide the direction and future of the partnership through performance. There is no risk in working together.

Continuous optimisation

The business environment and competitors continue to change, and Google ads must do more than just present in search results and list lines. We require ourselves to see changes and improvements in conversions every 14 days. We focus on every detail from the landing page, to the ad phrases, to the user experience. Not only do we want to attract the right traffic, but we want to convert and achieve our desired goals.

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