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Our PhilosophyFor every Australian dollar you investAll deserve to be rewarded

"If you don't fix your personal virtue, the best strategies to make your country rich and strong and win a hundred battles will be in vain, because there is no fundamental solution to the problem. This is the origin of "work" digital marketing.

We promise that your website will be custom designed and developed according to your requirements.  and meet Google search engine search requirements  !Our Commitment  90 days  Optimize some of your website’s important keywords for the first page!We promise to improve your website ranking and Google AdWords investment every month.  We don’t have a contract lock You use the results of each month’s cooperation to decide whether to stay or go

We promise to give you a return of over $45.5AUD for every Australian dollar invested!Our activities rely heavily on performance data and market research, so there is no guesswork in the tasks we contract to ensure accurate and reliable service.

“As CEO, my primary goal is to gain your trust. Over time, we believe that by delivering the promised KPIs, and you getting your fair share of the project’s benefits, we will earn your trust accordingly.I’m proud to lead a team of web design, Google SEO and Google AdWords professionals who are experienced in delivering effective, results-driven digital marketing. We are passionate about listening, understanding our clients’ needs, and being open with them. We never think of our clients as one-size-fits-all, so we are better able to meet the unique challenges of each client’s business.

「Kongfu is a trusted partner, a leading Google SEO, Google Adsense and website design company in Australia, and we have been working with clients for 10 years. We are fortunate that we continue to work with most of the clients we had in our first year of business. Our accumulated skills and many success stories ensure that we have the ability and confidence to set you apart from the rest.

Who is "Kongfu"?

Welcome! Kongfu is a professional digital marketing agency based in Camberwell, Melbourne. For over a decade we have been sharing our passion for marketing by designing and developing modern web solutions. We also provide creatively designed SEO services based on our clients' needs, utilizing the latest technologies and trends. Our range of marketing services offers a unique value proposition of data-driven implementation of methods that have been tried and tested many times. Our culture is defined by our core beliefs and we spurn micromanagement and rigid working models. We believe that Work's greatest asset is our few talented, motivated and compassionate employees who have the right values and who bring their best work to you. In order to do this, they need to work in a culture that allows for a degree of creative autonomy, and Work creates just that. We believe that our clients' interests are best protected by a respectful and collaborative work environment. The culture of "Work" fosters an environment where every interaction with our clients is respectful, professional and truly enjoyable.

Our success stories are enough to convince you that all our SEO projects and web development projects are based on careful thoughtfulness and strategic height. Just like these success stories standing on the first page of Google, our impressive SEO search engine optimization results are based on strong database analysis results and market research. Our team is skilled and scientifically based. In short, "Work" in Melbourne combines the best technology and the best people will combine to provide your business with a website design and SEO solution that no other digital marketing company can replicate. A person or a company has to go through trials and tribulations to sense how to really assist customers. Workforce as Melbourne website design and construction and Melbourne SEO marketing and promotion experts. Our clients include the world's largest railroad companies, Eurail European Railways, ATOP Communications, local Australian top companies like SAS Signage, ZOI, EREAL and EIZ.