How we managed to make Panda Hot Pot’s difficult keywords the top 3 in Google search engine in a short time

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Traffic was low, but SEO wasn’t the only factor Panda Hot Pot should consider

Needed to attract more local customers to know about Panda Hot Pot

After its Melbourne branch was opened, it faced a huge obstacle as its competitors had already occupied the top “hot pot” or “hotpot Melbourne” related keyword ranking in Google search engine. Panda Hot Pot must make sure that locals in Melbourne can discover them when they search hotpot.

Website should be both easy to visit and attractive to visitors

When we started working on SEO for Panda Hot Pot, one of the issues we needed to address right away is that its website took too long to load. And the pages were not mobile friendly.

Transform from traditional Chinese restaurant to local favourite restaurant

Another factor we considered was attracting local Melbourne residents. One of the critical issues we figured out was its coverage in local community. This means that Panda Hot Pot would need to use local media to attract attention from potential customers. Additionally, Chinese media should be involved so that the local Chinese customers would learn that Panda Hot Pot launched Melbourne restaurant.


SEO, Media, and User Experience Optimisation combine to make Panda Hot Pot a boom in Melbourne

Optimise the web pages to improve website performance

Our first task was to make sure that the pages are easy to visit, which means that we need to optimise parts of Panda Hot Pot’s webpages so they take less time to load and, hence, ranks higher on search engines and get more search engine traffic. Other than updating on-page content, titles, internal links, we managed to optimise most of the images. This immediately shortened the loading time of all webpages.

Improve SEO With User Experience


User Experience should be a priority to consider as it focuses on satisfying searchers’ needs. Websites rank higher on Google as a result of improved organic search marketing effectiveness. The user experience has always been taken into consideration by Google’s algorithm. Therefore, we create and modify existing content by asking “How can I help site visitors understand this message more clearly?”. In addition, we conducted mobile optimisations to bring truly amazing user experiences on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Create a variety of high-quality backlinks

As is known to all, one of most effective way to attract visitors is to create high-quality backlinks because search engines can tell that other websites endorse your content if they find backlinks to your website. With our knowledge and experience in this field, we were able to create many good backlinks in a short period of time for the website.

Assist Panda Hot Pot to promote on local Media

Advertising in local media is one of the most effective ways to engage with potential customers on a broad scale and reach your audience through tailored media. After completing both on-page and off-page optimization, we recommended Panda Hot Pot distribute promotional information through local media as well as Chinese media such as WeChat and Little Red Book. During this, we assisted Panda Hot Pot in every possible way to make the promotion process run smoothly. The result is that Panda Hot Pot caught the attention of customers very quickly and started earning profits shortly after its grand opening.

Increased visibility from better SEO lays the groundwork for future success.

Panda Hot Pot now ranks in the top three positions in Google’s search engine for hotpot-related keywords in Melbourne, with an average of over 9,500 monthly visitors, thanks to consistent SEO.