Ecommerce, Corporate and Product Profile & Web Design

We’ve been in English and Chinese bilingual web design for more than 12 years.We design and develop web solutions using latest technologies and trends. Our web design idea is not only works for human but also for Google Search Engine.

Our understanding of the Web Design

Your website is the natural extension of your company concept that sets the tone for your brands’ online presence. Our professional web design gives you an immersive digital brand experience. Our web design team dives deep to immerse themselves in your industry, your company concept and your brand’s aesthetic to ensure that your website is something that truly represents its company concept while also taking business opportunities to a higher level.

Distinguish between our Web Design and others

Our web design idea is not only works for human but also for Google Search Engine. Our client's sites that will maximise conversion, by making the site all about the customer. Many others out there, lack the technical smarts to get your website ranking and reel in potential clients. We can overhaul your website and increase its Google position. We begin to do this right from the design stage where technical optimisation is built into the blueprint of your site right from the start. In this way we can confidently promise a customised service for your particular business.

What we can do for your new website

Kongfuseo is not only a web designer, but also a professional SEO expert, we can help you strike the right balance between a classy-looking website and one that ranks. Our expertise and experience allows us to work our magic on your website so it works hard for your business.

Web Design Functionality

In-House Design High Performance Website Functionality Responsive Design and your website will be well displayed on Mac, iPad, PC and Smart Phones; Browser compatibility (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Baidu) Free changing and uploading web content by yourself with various file format (MS-Word, JPG, PNG, PDF documents, etc) SEO Plugin pre-installed

Service Items& Cost

Our web design service will cover: Concept and Website Template; Provide a range of standard options for your website template; Menus and Pages Options; Provide menus and pages; Provide various section page options Contact form, Email inquiry, Google map on contact page template; Other page package design (Testimonials, Case Display, News, Gallery and Standard Blog);
Our web design price is from $2500, if your design is ecommerce the price is from $6500;

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss web design, product development or to hear your new startup idea.