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Chin Communications is one of Australia’s largest Language and Intercultural Communication Services firms. Their professional and certified translators deliver language solutions for thousands of Australian companies with global success.

Chin Communications wanted to improve their keywords’ Google ranking and reduce the cost of Google Ads. The company needed us to optimise their website in order to contend with local competitors.


Our SEO Solutions

Kongfuseo worked with Artchain to manage and maintain the digital marketing campaign with Search Engine Optimisation services aimed at boosting organic traffic and worldwide sales.

We performed a survey of Chin Communications and its competitors’ high volume searching keywords and backlink profiles, and we formulated an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) proposal to improve Chin’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on Google.

SEO Project Performance

The number of organic visitors skyrocketed from 34 to over 247,000 per month, less than four months after the programme was implemented. Chin is now ranked in front based on more than 125 related high conversion-rate keywords of which the top three key-phrases are searched for roughly 22,200 times per month. Traffic sharply increased threefold from 675 in just four months.


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