SAS Signage SEO Porject

Traffic from 675 to 2.8k in 4 months


Marketing Manager of SAS Signage Adam approached us that if we help them to improve high-volume key-words ranking on Google organic search which could drive traffic without spending Google Ads budget to retain top positions.


When we started working with SAS Signage, they were re-building their website with Magento platform. we were working together with them to build the new site with introducing the SEO relevant structure, at the same time we conducted an in-depth analysis for their major competitors that we got the high search volume and accurate key words. We allocated keywords to each relevant page, and suggested them to improve page content. From the beginning stage, the site was ready to perform better in Google organic search result.

The result

We have increased 1.46k high domain rating backlinks with high quality content, all product page of on-page optimisation have been done within 3 months. SAS Signage was ready to improve the search results for the high-volume key phrases being targeted. SAS Signage increases rankings of majors in organic search, which results in a 45 percent increase in traffic to major relevant content, and more then 30 percent increase in traffic directly to relevant landing pages. The past 3 months has seen the SAS Signage e-commerce platform organic traffic increased to 3.2k per month from the original 685. To be sure, their increased traffic is being driven by high search volume key phrases and is now the high value asset for the business. SAS Signage has reduced their budget on the PPC campaigns.