SEO Project – SAS Signage

SEO Request Description

SAS Signage created a new website, but the site’s major key-words’ Google ranking was dropping. In order to improve their search result performance, SAS Signage contacted Kongfuseo Digital Marketing and asked us to optimise their website. SAS Signage also hoped that we could help them to achieve more traffic and sales leads from Google organic search results instead of Pay-Per-Click.

Our SEO Solutions

SAS Signage was rebuilding their website with Magento Platform, and we contributed to the process and introduced our SEO service to them. A competitor drilldown for SAS Signage was processed at the same time. As a result, we were able to ascertain a number of accurate high-volume relevant searching keywords. We also oriented keywords to be relevant to each page. Based on key data, we were able to suggest solutions and greatly improve website content. After implementing our suggestions, the newly rebuilt website performed much better in Google organic searches.

The SEO Result

Kongfuseo Digital Marketing increased 14.4k high domain level backlinks by delivering sophisticated and optimum quality content for SAS Signage’s website. The on-page optimisation upgrade was finished within three months across all product pages. SAS Signage’s search results improved with the targeted high-volume key phrases that were identified. SAS Signage has been ranked as one of the major results in organic searches. The website experienced a 72% increase in traffic from major relevant content, and more than a 14.4% monthly increase in traffic direct to relevant landing pages.

Data from Google Analytics

In the past two years, SAS Signage’s eCommerce platform’s organic traffic has increased to 7.2k per month, from 685. This increased traffic flow driven by high-volume search key phrases has now become a valuable and irreplaceable asset for the business.

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