Marketing in China

Kongfuseo Digital Marketing is a full-service Chinese Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia. We offer everything you need to connect with Chinese consumers through marketing to China. We grow businesses through website development, establishing eCommerce, social media marketing, digital advertising and China market entry strategies.

We will shape your website’s strategy for China, manage your social media campaigns, design, build and market your product and service to better serve your Chinese clients and show a clear return on your investment.

Let’s start with a “Go to China” strategy

Competition to do business with the Chinese market is everywhere. If you are not Chinese or don’t speak Chinese it is hard to know where to start. One of the most important considerations is to develop an appropriate strategy based on your needs, the target market and the nature of your offering. Your China strategy serves as a guide for growing brand awareness, influence and sales in the China market.

Kongfuseo undertakes an immersive Chinese marketing planning process. We have access to networks, experience, resources and research skills, to advise you about what to expect and how to deliver continued interest and sales. We work closely with you to guide your brand to be prepared for cross-border markets.


Our Marketing In China Entry Strategy Services

Your brand must be highly visible and should be reflected in everything your China customers see, read, and hear about your company.

Understand your current brand presence by listening to the marketplace

Competitive analysis to benchmark your marketing campaign activity

Establish a clear, unique and compelling position to your Chinese customers

Create an execution and budget plan for better segmentation and increased ROI

Develop your market segmentation strategy in China

Produce a media execution plan to untangle the complex networks of channels

Website audit for enhanced China user experience

We are the leading Chinese social media marketing agency in Australia

Chinese social media marketing goes beyond just posting updates to your social media profiles. It also involves segmenting and engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. With this knowledge, a strategy comprised ads, re-engagement and creative content will be formulated to resonate with your audience in a meaningful and impactful way.

We create your customised Chinese social media strategy and execution that is tailored to your industry, product and service. We combine creativity, strategy and copywriting skills to ensure your marketing campaigns achieve a clear return on your investment.

Our Chinese Social Media Services

We combine creativity, strategy and copywriting skills to help you effectively communicate your messages across the platforms that work best for you.

Graphic Design

Kongfuseo offers a full range of graphic design services for small to mid-sized companies in Australia. We combine top-notch graphic design skills with marketing best practices to help you maximize ROI within your design budget. We apply best practices and thinking to effectively communicate your messages through culturally in-tune design.

Types of creative projects we handle

We create beautiful and unique visual experiences that excite and inspire your audience and knock out your competition.

Business Cards

Company Brochures

Corporate Folders

Slide Presentations

Digital Newsletters

Logo Design

Print Ad Design

Sales Collateral

Brand Guidelines


Packaging Design

Web Design

Tagline Design and Design

Brand Identity Design

Chinese and English Copywriting

Digital Banner Advertisements

Let’s see how we can help you!

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