Web Design & SEO Services and Chinese Marketing

We are Chinese& English bilingual digital marketing agency, we deeply understand there are 4  key components of any successful brand: SEO Services, Content Marketing, Web Design and Social Media. Our creative specialists go beyond an ordinary marketing campaign. They are good at researching your competitors. 

Web Design Is More Than Just Pretty Pictures On a Screen

An ideal website not only looks nice, and should drive sales leads, and deeper engagement. Kongfuseo has been in English and Chinese web design for more than 12 years. The website we delivered to you acts as a growth engine nurturing sales opportunities for your business.

SEO Brings More Qualified Prospects to Your Website.

SEO is just about re-building your website both for people and search engines.Kongfu SEO has got the specialised knowledge, English and Chinese resources and experience to help you dominate both English and Chinese search results for the local and global search areas.

Digital Marketing Connects Your Brand to the Chinese Market

Our digital market team employ state of the art use know-how of Chinese, SEO knowledge, and web development experience as the bedrock of any digital marketing campaign they create. In this way they can deliver right message to the right people for you, and in this way they can help you to reach your sales goal.

Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

Be on the fast track to find your ideal target customers with our focus on lead generation and market intelligence. Our services include Google Ads, Google Re-marketing, and Google Shopping; Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin operation services; Chinese content& advertorial; Press Release: We will distribute your press release in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. For sure, we will do anchor for the high value backlinks for your website.


All digital marketing services are designed to meet your specific business needs, so the service pricing may vary according to your customised digital marketing plan. Our standard price for website is from $2500 and SEO is from $1099. We are happy to offer you the best quote for your unique business needs.

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss web design, product development or to hear your new startup idea.